Whisky-infused, Rolled Dutch Yellowtail with Pickled Salsifis
A very natural dish to end winter with woody and intense flavors. The slightly pickled salsifis add a touch of acidity.


  • 1 top loin
  • 1 wood sheet
  • 80 g / 240 ml whisky
  • 300 g / ~3 cups salsifis
  • 6 pc of brussel sprout
  • 200 g / ¾ cup heavy cream
  • 50 g / 3 ½ tbsp butter
  • 40 g / 40 ml vinegar
  • 20 g / 1 ⅔ tbsp of sugar


  • For the fish:

    Slice the fish, keeping the top filet. Torch-mark it and roll it in a wood sheet soaked with whisky. Cook directly on the embers for about 1O minutes.

    For the garnish: 

    Peel the salsifis, cook a portion in sticks with oil and butter. Remove the fat and deglaze with the vinegar.

    Slice a portion of salsifis into a thin rounds and place them in the warm pickling mixture.

    Slice thin strips from a salsifi, fry them at 140°C / 280°F and roll them into a spiral shape upon cooking.

    Use all the trimmings of salsifis and add cream to realize a smooth puree.

    Blanch the brussel sprout leaves very quickly and add olive oil before serving.